Major Investment Firm Finds Most 401(k) Participants Stressed About Finances

An overwhelming majority of Americans in 401(k) plans are feeling increasingly insecure about their financial future, and most said they could use some professional financial help …

Employees of both large and small companies are feeling increasingly insecure about their financial futures.  A large part of this is based on the decline of pension plans which were once offered as benefits by large employers.  Most companies now offer 401 (k) plans which leave the responsibility for retirement income up to employees.

As a result, over half of those surveyed wanted help managing their finances.  While some employers offer “financial wellness” programs, many employees would rather not use them because of privacy concerns.  This is where the RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) provides exceptional value.

A lot of this stress can be relieved by getting a financial plan.  The RIA industry offers financial planning to people who wonder when or if they will ever be able to retire.  These firms also offer to manage their clients’ money for them, relieving the anxiety of people who are concerned about how their money should best be invested.

Getting regular reports and performance reviews, being able to talk to someone about concerns, and dealing with people who are fiduciaries relieves a lot of stress.

To relieve your stress, give us a call.

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