Get the kind of advice that Fortune 500 Executives have.

I had an opportunity to attend an investment conference recently at which Alan Mulally spoke.   Mulally was the Chief Executive Officer of Boeing Aircraft before being recruited by William Ford to become President and CEO of Ford Motor.   He rescued Ford from the brink of bankruptcy; making it the only US car company to avoid a bailout by the government.

His talk was inspiring and revealing.   His management technique was simple: make a plan for the long term, review it regularly, and make changes when appropriate.

Top executives like Mulally are constantly solicited by top investment firms like Goldman Sachs who use their brand name prestige to impress their potential clients.   You know you’re rich when a Goldman salesman comes calling.

But Mulally didn’t go that way.   He chose an independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) to manage his family’s finances.   He used the same approach to managing his personal finances as he did to guiding the companies he led successfully.

He wanted his advisor to be someone who focused on him as an individual, not on simply his money. His advisor treats him like a friend, not a constant source of income. The service he gives goes beyond investments and includes retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning. His advisor is not selling a product; he’s offering Mulally financial peace.

Alan Mulally and his wife Jane have five children. All are adults now and out of the home. All five of them use the same advisor as their father.

You don’t have to be the Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 500 company to get the kind of advisor that Alan Mulally and his family have. Its available right here from Korving & Company, an RIA with expertise that comes from decades of experience, who treats you like a friend, and offers you financial peace.

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