Viewing “Generation Now”

Chapter 8

Schwab funded a research study to find out what the next generation – “Generation Now” – believes and how it views the world. They wanted to understand how they view their future, determine their fears, attitudes and behaviors.

“Generation Now” is 30 – 45 years old. They have graduated from college, have a career and are making good money. But as they reached adulthood, the events they grew up with shaped them and their attitudes.

Financial Freedom:

Above all, “Generation Now” Investors are seeking a lifestyle of financial freedom – the point where they have enough assets and security to no longer watch account balances, to know they have plenty to not just cover bills, but unknown liabilities, and are able to live life spontaneously, without so much focus on planning, budgeting and saving.

Financial freedom is the ability to do what you want, without relying on others. It is important because it elevates your soul to feel like anything is possible. And that really is what financial freedom is. It’s the ability to do anything you want and not have to rely on others, or ask others, and it feels like that is the beauty and freedom of living in a free society.

This is the eighth of 12 posts examining Generation Now.

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