Viewing “Generation Now”

Chapter 7

Schwab funded a research study to find out what the next generation – “Generation Now” – believes and how it views the world. They wanted to understand how they view their future, determine their fears, attitudes and behaviors.

“Generation Now” is 30 – 45 years old. They have graduated from college, have a career and are making good money. But as they reached adulthood, the events they grew up with shaped them and their attitudes.

Redefining Luxury and Success

Along with a return to timeless values, “Generation Now” Investors are confronting and reevaluating notions of luxury and outward displays of their financial success. For some, outright material acquisition still holds appeal, but for many, they’re content to redirect or delay what would have been spent on material items for experiences for themselves and family. Today’s luxuries are more likely to be things like once in a lifetime trips to far flung corners of the globe than flashy cars, or memberships in exclusive country clubs.

In fact, I would probably sell where I live now, in San Francisco, maybe purchase something small, so I have a home base. But I would love to travel to Central America, maybe do some hiking in South America. I would like to visit some countries in Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia, revisit Thailand.

This is the seventh of 12 posts examining Generation Now.

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