Private Jet Flying – now by the seat.

Have you daydreamed about at least taking a ride in a private jet?  In the beginning, unless you were flying somewhere on a company plane, the only way you were going to ride on a private jet was to buy one.  If you are one of the ultra-rich, like Oprah Winfrey, that was your only option.  Since that was out of the reach of even the common multi-millionaire, the industry developed the shared lease program where you bought a number of hours of flying time on a jet you shared with others, the plane being owned by the leasing company, like Net Jets.  But that still costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The newest concept is the “per-seat charter” where you share the ride with others who have bought their seats on the same ride.

As a per-seat traveler, you give up the luxury of having the cabin to yourself, the control of specifying when you want to take off and, in some cases, what airports you want to use. But you still avoid hassles ranging from security lines to the delays and cancellations that come with airline travel. And per-seat savings over traditional charter can be considerable. BlackJet guarantees a seat on a Los Angeles–New York flight for $3,500, its highest fare. Xojet, which helped bring transparent, point-to-point pricing to the charter industry, charges $25,300 or more for that route. And per-seat providers pledge to maintain the quality level associated with charter.

If you’re among those who have always wanted to have the experience, let us know.  We provide a great many concierge services for our clients.

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