Fun Facts About 401(k)s

Here are a few fun facts about 401(k) and why you should pay a lot of attention to your investment choices.

  • $80,900 – the average 401(k) balance at the end of 1Q 2013.
  • 65% – percentage of the average increase in 401(k) balances over the past year that was due to gains in equities.

The fact is that for many people their 401(k) is their single biggest financial assets, yet most people pay almost no attention to how it is invested.  It’s very difficult to get professional help with 401(k) assets unless you can find someone who’s able and willing to provide advice and guidance without holding the assets.

We are one of those firms who can guide you and help you make sense of the choices you  face.  Call us at 757-638-5490, or visit our website at



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