The Ultimate Trip?

Want an intimate dinner party for 100 in Giza, Egypt overlooking the pyramids?  And since you’ll be dining late, do you want the pyramids to be lighted until 2 a.m., three hours later than normal?   Join the club, the Abercrombie & Kent Lifestyle Club that is.

Abercrombie & Kent is known for luxurious travel.  For example we took the Orient Express – the same train that Agatha Christie made famous in her book “Murder on the Orient Express” – from Vienna to London.  The train cars had been painstakingly restored to their 1920s glory; the only thing missing was Hercule Poirot and a body.

It seems that the wealthy are looking for luxury travel experiences like New Year’s Eve helicopter excursion to behold the Northern Lights in Iceland and  a New Zealand golfing excursion that involved flying around on a private jet.

The cost for arranging trips like this ranges from alow of $325 to over $22,000.  That’s just for the planner, the trip is extra.  So if you have just inherited a fortune, sold your interest in a Silicon Valley start-up, or won the lottery and are interested, check it out here.  And if you can afford that kind of private planning, don’t overlook the opportunity to have your investments managed by our private boutique  investment firm: Korving & Company at 757-638-5490.


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