A Widow’s Journey

The August 2012 issue if Financial Planning features an article about an advisor who works with widows, and has some first-hand insights because she is one.  Her husband died when she was 30. 

“It was an experience of being a deer in the headlights and not being able to make the decisions I needed to make.  For me it was a matter of not being able to get out of bed, not to mention doing anything productive.” 

She had trouble getting credit, settling the estate, taking care of the kids, making a living. 

In addition to that, friends and even trusted advisors led her into risky and inappropriate investments. 

Her story is a familiar one to us.  It’s one of the reasons we wrote the book Before I Go.  We have developed a reputation for helping widows after they have found themselves “suddenly single” and we are now sought out when tragedy strikes. 

If you know someone who can use our help, or are in need of help yourself, call us ar 757-638-5490.

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