“Ultra” Wealthy Trust Advisors More

Who do the wealthy trust more when making financial decision? 

According to an SEI survey of multi-millionaires, respondents continue to use financial advisors. Responding to the question, ‘When it comes to difficult financial decisions, from whom do you feel most confident getting advice?’, 39% selected “wealth advisor,” far ahead of “attorney/accountant,” in second place with 22%. Drilling down, wealth advisors were the top choice of 53% of retirees, 48% of those 50-59 years old, and 46% of those 60 or older.

On the downside, multi-millionaires are still unsure that they have enough to maintain their lifestyle.

Ultra-wealthy investors remain insecure about their wealth. The average multi-millionaire believe they would only feel financially secure with double the assets they currently have, according to an SEI survey.

What makes you feel financially secure?  We would like to know.

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