Asset Allocation Programs

From our new book “Before I Go”

Advisors realize that today’s hot stock, industry, or economy can be tomorrow’s train wreck. The way to reduce the risk of getting your family assets depleted as a result of overexposure to any one company, industry, or country is to diversify. The question is: what is the proper diversifcation for you and your family?

The investment industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated regarding the planning process and fnding ways of diversifying away risk.  At our firm we begin by identifying the client’s goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. This then leads to an investment plan that strives to meet the objectives within the comfort level of the client.  The end result is usually an asset allocation decision that may include some or all of the following investment categories:

• Large Cap value stocks
• Large Cap growth stocks
• Small/medium Cap value stocks• Small/medium Cap growth stocks
• Emerging market stocks
• U.S. short/intermediate term taxable bonds
• U.S. long term taxable bonds
• U.S. tax free bonds (municipals)
• Large Cap foreign stocks
• Foreign bonds
• Cash
• Commodities
• Precious metals
• Futures
• Currencies

This is by no means a complete or exhaustive list of investment categories. It is merely a brief list of some of the most popular asset classes that are available to the public today.


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