Now available: “Before I Go”

Korving & Company is very excited to announce the publication of “Before I Go.” 

During our quarter-century as advisor to hundreds of families, we have been called on to help many people whose lives were disrupted by the death of a loved one.  In most of those cases the person left behind had to struggle with more than the grief of loss.  They had to face the challenge of doing many of the things that were done by the one who passed on, but were not sure where to go for all the information.

The best time to gather all the information together is before we pass on, and since we are never sure when that will be, the right time is now.   Before I Go is the result of years of experience determining what information has been overlooked when making estate plans.

It allows you to specify:

  • You Advance Medical Directive (Living Will).
  • What you would like for your funeral arrangements.
  • Who to contact in case of your death.
  • Where and what your financial assets and liabilities are.
  • What your dependents income will be if you’re no longer there.
  • What the household expenses are and how they are paid.
  • Who to call on for legal and financial advice.

Most people actually don’t know the answers to these questions and spend many months trying to figure these things out.  It always creates a great deal of unnecessary stress and worry that could be avoided with the proper plan.

In describing the book to a nurse in her early thirties, we were told to hurry up and write it because she did not know where her husband’s insurance policies were or how much their investments were worth. 

We wrote Before I Go, and an accompanying workbook that is an instruction manual and checklist that you can leave behind for those you love.  They can use it after your passing to make their lives easier.

For a copy, please contact us via our website or phone at 757-638-5490.

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