Keeping your money under your mattress?

Most people think that “putting your money under your mattress” is a metaphor, but not to Israeli “sleep system” (bedding) manufacturer Hollandia International.

They have redefined the term “stashing it under the mattress” with their new $20,400 Executive SAFE-T Bed added to their current luxury line of sleep systems. Rest assured with a heavy-duty safe built right into the bed, consumers can keep their most prized possessions and treasured valuables safe and sound.

Measuring 8″ x 10.6″ and with a depth of 4.3″, the safe is located in the head joint of the bed base, right beneath the mattress. Once the safe’s door is closed, it securely locks with a key. Using Velcro to keep it in place, an additional piece of fabric camouflages the door, and the mattress lies on top of the entire system.

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