Norfolk Southern Prepares Rails for Norfolk – Richmond Service

Norfolk Southern Corporation is one of our region’s largest businesses, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia.  It has been working with the State to prepare for new passenger service between downtown Norfolk and Richmond.   The service has been under development for several years. The  Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation has been working with Norfolk Southern to make it possible to integrate passenger service onto a rail line that has been oriented toward freight.

Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that Amtrak Virginia’s Northeast Regional service extension to and from Norfolk will start December 12, 2012, providing a same-seat trip from Norfolk to Washington, DC, Baltimore, New York City and as far north as Boston.  Tickets are now available for purchase.

We had the pleasure of getting a preview of the route hosted by Norfolk Southern in 2010 and look forward to using the service when it begins.  The trains will be run by Amtrak.

For a research report on Norfolk Southern, you can contact us.

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